Jz arrived home from the hospital… Had been staying in there for 4 days due to some virus / mycoplasma infection… It was Wed night when i started to suffocate n experienced some serious headache.. when i reached the hospital i even needed oxygen help… urgh… bad memories… Well, during my stay in the hospital, my family were very supportive n were always there for me as usual, my dad was so worried bcz he can’t b my main doctor so he asked 5 other specialists to look after me, my mom n grandmere who accompanied me always n cooked for me *food in the hosp is unbearable, believe me* and last bt not least my bro, although he’s in Aus bt i could sense tht he’s very worried too…

Other than tht, my dear relatives n frens who had visited me, thx for ur support n concern too, if it isn’t for u guys, i wouldn’t recover this fast and would feel very bored in there… Although i had digested lotsa medicine, went through plenty of blood test and scans n received heaps of injection in there, i still enjoyed my stay in there.. hahaha…

*everyday* Injections + antibiotic drips = PAIN!!!!

Well, I need plenty of rest for now.. so, Adious~

Thx for all the “GET WELL SOON” gifts, they really helped! ^-^



Rowena ^^