This morning attended the Psychology Colloquim and Bangsar Shopping Center’s Delifrance with JuWeen… Then headed straight to the hall for rehearsal… At first, I was kinda nervous and worried that what if something goes wrong during my performances… Later at night, everything turned out not as bad as what I imagined.. hahaha… Pics of before and during the concert!!! Tada!!
This is mua~ Getting ready for the concert~ *I did the makeup by myself btw.. tsk~*

Photos with the ladiesssss~~~

Singing with my first group~ * IT WAS VERY TIRING!!!*

Try to sense the passion in me!!!

My lovely grandmere, mom and aunt~

Love them! *Resting after my 2nd song*

Singing Coco Lee’s song with my gurls~

Rowena’s solo part~ XD

And again!

AH~ perfect shot!

Friends & Family~

Both Poh Kong owners *uncle and Aunt Alice*, mom and mua~

The concert was considered as a success~~ hahaha… I really had fun too!!! Looking forward for the next Salsa performance with Kim n Marissa during New Year’s eve~

Well, tht’s all for now, gotta hit the sack now, Ween’s coming over to study, finish some report and have Chillis with me for lunch~ Nitey nite!