I’m gonna have my finals from Monday onwards, till 5th of December, then I’ll b FREEEEE~~~ hahahaa…. Partay time~ Well, gotta concentrate with my revision first… aish~~~
Thursday, went to high school prom with my frens, Bubu, Stephen, Yiyi, JiaJia, HuiXin and others… Met so many of my ol’ schoolmates there… Awww~~~ Missed them so much… At first was kinda boring bt then the party started to rock… LOL~ Had dinner, then met my ol’ best frens who were from the same primary school which i went to, ChuiMei, RuRu, Maggie and a dear fren, KhaiBing who went with a gorgeous fren of mine, HuiJeat… After that, we danced on the dance floor, it was so much fun when HuiXin n me were like dirty dancing with LokLok.. HE WAS SO SHY AND HOT!!! hahahaha… Then, some good looking guys, Keke, WeiJing, ShengSheng n others took pics with me for memories, which is a pleasure… ^^ * gotta ask them to send me the pics though.. * :p Then partied till around 1 in da morning, Bubu n me got a ride in Stephen’s car cz he was fetching us back, then met up wif 3 Bubu’s frens who are… errr… very outgoing and crazy bt fun.. hahaha… We got into some kinda car racing and it was shocking and scary… B4 going back home, all of us were hungry so we stopped by Bangsar’s Mcdonalds and grabbed some stuff to munch…
Chong Hwa’s prom night #Memories~# Bu, Nana, Jia

I M SO TIRED RIGHT NOW!!! Jz came back from Times Square with Kim, went to Sushi King and watched Enchanted with her… We bought premiere class which was quite comfortable and something like Gold Class but we felt so awkward at first when we went in because everyone’s like….. OMG…. LOVERS~ well, nevermind it, we enjoyed the show…

That’s all for now peeps, gotta continue with my studies.. sob sob… I HATE HUMAN PERSONALITY AND INTERACTIVE PSYCHOLOGY SUBJECTS!!! THEY SUCK!!!! ARGHHHHHHHH!!!! btw, Christmas’s coming and my brother’s coming back from Australia!!! HOHOHO~~~


Rowena *moody*