It’s surprising how time flies… According to some article, Dr. Anthony Chaston and his research colleague, Dr. Alan Kingstone, have proven once and for all, that time really does fly when you’re having fun. *LOL, enuff of the lecture~*

There’re somethings in life which u reeeeeaaaaaally really wish they’ll come true and last forever… But sometimes, life’s full of obstacles and tht’s when we r tested by them, well, HEY, no one says tht life is easy… Many ppl use the phrase ” go with the flow ” in life but in my opinion, it’s all about choices, talk bout flow, pfft~


Went out with Lynn jz now for lunch and window shopping, talked quite a lot and she handed me our neoprints which was taken long time ago, so sweet~ We’re planning to go to Genting Highlands for some fun, wanna go to the theme park so badly to scream my lungs out…

ANYWAYS, me n H. Zheng, my primary school mate who’s studying in Melbourne were chatting in msn jz now, she’s changed a lot! We’re thinking of having a gathering end of this year, mayb have some drinks or lunch together… It’ll b quite tough for all of us to meet up bcz our ol’ frens r in diff countries now~ Makes me smile thinking of ol’ memories… Life seems so much easier when I was still a lil’ girl… Guess we have to face the fact, we HAVE to grow up eventually… 😦

Bought my Mother’s Day present ad, hope she’ll love it… It’s adorable… I even bought my dad’s present in Hallmark oso, quite expensive ler… bt hey, as long as they love it, I’m happy! Can’t wait to go karaoke with Wen n Lai later… Vonnie invited me to go clubbing with her n her peeps tonight in Bar Celona, Pyramid till late night.. Not sure whether m going anot cz mom’s having her hand surgery later, wanna stay at home and help her… Haih~

B4 ciao-ing… Concentrate on the 4 dots in the middle of the picture for about 30 seconds then look at the wall, u will see a circle of light, focus on the circle, whut do u c?

I Love U, Jesus…

Nitey Nite handsomes n beauties… Peace out…