First of all, HAPPY MOMMY’S DAY!!! 🙂 I love U mom, always n forever~

Her Present wrapped in a goldish bronze colour wrapper * gonna surprise her tonight! :p * on my messy table with my monthly schedule, Victoria’s Secret fragrance, Dior Parfum, an empty Heineken bottle and all sorts of stuff…

Went for a morning walk at about 6:30 a.m. with my parents around Bangsar which is from my house to the whole Bangsar area… Damn tiring cz have to climb up the hill then down, then up again, then down again, then up again, etc… @.@ But it’s good exercise and good quality time to spend with my parents.. 🙂

After tht, fetched my grandma to church then accompanied mom to Midvalley to shop… So tired… Zzz… Bt she’s the boss cz today’s her day.. hehehe… However, as usual, she bought me stuff~

New Shades! Love it!!!

Earringsssss~~~ PARTAY!!! :p

Well, tht’s all for this post n enjoy Mother’s Day with ur beloved Mom~

p/s: My past won’t leave me alone!!! urgh…