Got quite a few of good feedbacks from the previous post which is a poem i came up with… M really glad tht the person who i dedicated it to loves it a lot n vice versa cz his reply was so beautiful.. 🙂

Plenty of nice movies coming soon! ARGH!!! So many movies, so little time… *sobs* Watched Incredible Hulk last week, was quite surprised when Iron man, Tony Stark appeared b4 the movie ended… Can’t wait for Incredible Hulk 2!

The Mummy 3!!! *starring Jet Li!*

21 the Movie… *Downloaded 3 times through the net bt all oso Spanish version, celaka… Go to the cinema better..*

Hellboy 2 : The Golden Army

Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D *looks so cool~*

Made of Honour *hopefully this is hilarious*

So many moviess to watch!!!
Can’t wait for this Fri to come, it’ll b a very magical and special day again *fingers crossed*~

Last but not least, BooBear driving! XD

Gotta ciao now.. Nitey nite peeps, astalavista!