Really really hope tht this weekend will b wonderful… *fingers crossed* No more conflictsss n dramas puhleaseeeee……. SHOO!

Yest, Ian, Sean n DD came over to my place b4 going to Madam Kwan’s for dinner with Sophia, her parents n other frens~ Played Cluedo and Monopoly, very interesting games with them, crazy + funny fellas… After tht, we were quite tired bt still enjoyed the dinner.. πŸ™‚

Besides tht, trying really hard to search some movie/DVD from my lil’ cousins for my Human Communication 1500 words ARSE-signment.. Weird huh!? cz the movie we have to relate to our report is *drumrolls*………….

YES INDEED… The Lion King

Have to define what type of human communication n relate it to the movie… to b more specific, the animalsss…. Other than that, have to discuss one principle of communication based on them… Great…

my report will b about them *stunned*

Moving on…

I wanna tell u how attractive, cute and addictive U r to me… Love to cuddle and have u in my arms while m sleeping……

Yeap! U r very cute indeed, boobear! πŸ™‚

Well, i’m not the only one who’s so attached to him… Ian loves him a lot too! aww…

Oh-so-loving~~~ XD

Inseparable….. Even when Ian’s driving!

Went to MPH jz now n bought some novelsss~~~ Crazy over ’em…

Meg Cabot is undeniably awesome~

Romance n other genre of novelssss….

Nice novelsss! Check ’em out too!

The japanese comics area~

Archie collection since primary~

they could b quite addictive also… hehe

I seriously need an extra cupboard for my mags, comics and novels since another cupboard’s full of journals and packed with boring reading materialsss… :/

Ohoho… my best friend when i’m super duper boredddd…

Next item is for the girls… Me likey~ πŸ™‚ If u’re the kinda girl who doesn’t know how or doesn’t like to apply the 2 in 1 mascara *white n black at each end*, try this… Very niceeee~ πŸ™‚

CHANEL’s lash building mascara

Well, tht’s all for now.. gotta continue with my revision for tmr’s midterm..

So many wordsss… @.@

p/s: I love U.. Hopefully this weekend will b awesome for us! πŸ˜€