Cobra Starship – Bring It

Heard this song while chilling in my TV room n clicking the Astro remote control randomly n I jz found out after 2 years tht it is actually the theme song of the movie and the fact tht i watched the movie quite a few times already… :s U can find this song from the soundtrack album, Snakes on a Plane…

Nice song!!! *ok well, mayb it sounds a bit like those Superhero theme songs at the beginning bt still……. NICE!!!* Gabe Saporta and William Beckett are total hottiessss and William has the sexiest smile~~~ Awesome group, check ’em out peeps… πŸ™‚ OH! OH! Pete Wentz from Fall Out Boy’s in this music video too! Around 1:47 if i’m not mistaken.. :p

Last weekend was wonderful! will update bout it in my blog and post picsss soon… m too occupied now, stupid Lion King assignment.. blegggghhhh… Can’t wait for this Saturday! Special day again for me n Ian… n of cz… my bro’s coming back on Sunday from Aussie… ngehehe…

tht’s all for now babes… Adious~