First day of business, never thought there would b quite a lot of customers and yet, received quite a lot of good feedbacks n Mom n the rest of us r of cz, nothing else bt very happy! πŸ™‚ Some food were not even enuff tht we had to buy the ingredients after lunchtime to get ready for the dinner session… My knee’s still not recovered yet although it’s a week already, still can c the big patch of skinless raw part.. haih… damn pain.. Ian’s left leg muscles also damn pain after playing basketball for quite a long time… so, we’re more like 2 cacat staff * hardworking though :p *… Quite a tiring day for all the staff… but again, welcome everyone! :p

Gotta hit the sack after having some precious time reading my novel cz tmr morning, church; afternoon, work; night, movies with Daddy n Ian, Red Cliff *dono nice anot*… :/