Still having my holidays… enjoying every single second of it… 🙂 Business is good nowadays after the grand opening and customers r satisfied with the food… pheuw~ still have to lead my frens there cz some of them donno the way… well, overall, everything’s running smoothly~ *thumbs up*

Miss my bro who’s in Aussie now… miss having family time with the whole family, chatting, laughing, fooling around n making fun of each other… well, have to wait till end of this year then… n next year, it’s my turn to b independent n further my studies in overseas… *dont wanna think bout it yet* Bt my family’s always my priority n i do always remind myself to respect them no matter wad n i thank God for tht…

Have to find a day to go shopping… have so many things to buy n it’s been awhile since i last went shopping… shoes, clothes, women stuff n of cz, novels~ :p MPH had a book sale last week *i think* n i bought a new novel only for 15 bucks… gonna head back there n find more to buy… 😉 *IMO, Midvalley has nothing much to shop ler, One U has more*

As for the Red Cliff movie i said i’ll b going to watch in the previous post, the movie’s not bad cz i knew whut’s gonna happen… *i read the chinese novel already during secondary which i used to thought it was useless bt now i feel like a smartass cz frens have been IM-ing me n ask me to explain some parts of the movie…*

M gonna expand my collection of Archie and novels… yea.. Nothing much bout it bt still, who knows in the future.. :p

Well, gotta go now… toodles~