Woke up quite early this morning… Ian msg-ed, mom called, dad called, Ian called n mom called again *called as in phoned*… * just to wake me up for work.. can’t blame me wei… didn’t really sleep cz was busy reading my novels n enjoying my late night movies.. :p * bt usually, no need to wake up this early, just tht today we had special guests in our shop, so… yea…. M super energetic right now…

After my mom n I finished helping in the shop, fetched mom to my dad’s clinic to work *yea, my mom practically does everything… accounts, bakery, dad’s personal assistant, piano teacher n so on…* Anyways, back to the topic, after fetching her, went to Bangsar Village for some shopping bt didn’t really buy anything cz m not really in the mood so i jz bought some books~

Ian’s David Gemmell and James Patterson n others r mine, including new Archie comics *theses r the not yet read ones*

M gonna ask dad for a new cupboard, my Archie comics seriously need 1!

Recently, have been reading these 2….. *Boo bought for us* very meaningful Christian books… 🙂

Last week went to Midvalley n found Rabbit candiesssss a.k.a. “Bai Tu Tang”!!! 😀 *quite hard to find in KL la… =.=*

:: M still trying to find some free time to hang out n have fun with Kim n the others b4 next sem starts… Hhmmmm… Hush, Aliyaa or Bilique… We’ll c~

Adious peeps!