Went to work as usual this morning… Met up with Ian n went to One U to shop!!! Bought a pair of Espadrilles high heels from Nose… L-O-V-E it~

Espadrilles *something like this but my design’s cuter.. tsk*

I’ll never get sick of buying shoesss~ especially heelsssss… 🙂

And then, walk around n went to the MPH book sales again bt i didn’t buy anything… Boo on the other hand, bought his book, Playing with Pizza for a very reasonable price.. ^^ *he’s buying more n more books~ yay!*

After tht, watched a movie…

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Well, urm… the movie… It’s okok la… Story’s quite interesting bt predictable too… However, Sarah Marshall is hot n so is the other girl, Rachel who Sarah Marshall’s ex, Peter dated after Sarah Marshall dumped him n Peter went to Hawaii for a vacation to clear his mind n meanwhile, fell in love with Rachel n tada!!! “The drama isn’t over yet, it has just begun” Yea… overall, not bad… bt i have no idea y those ppl in the cinema were laughing like mad *some of them even laugh till they seem like they’re suffocating* cz i don’t think it’s THAT funny… or mayb it’s just me… bla…

Bumped into Qi Jian n Qian Hua after tht n was quite surprised… It’s been long since i last saw my other high school mates… Next Monday, gotta meet up with Joycy n have lunch together at my shop… and, still finding time to club n SALSA!!! 🙂

Gotta hit the sack… Ta!