Walking in the rain, flashbacks silently creeping across one’s mind, thoughts wandering through a teenage girl’s soul, darkness filled the sky.

Is it the predetermined or is it God’s plan? Is it the faith that one seeks for or is it the limitations of a man?

Throughout this life, incontrovertible and precise thoughts have always made her feel secure… But she never knew that… uncertainty and doubts are creeping into her life, slowly and ruthlessly like a devil in disguise.

Still, walking in the rain, realizing devils’ temptations around her, chills went down her spine but never felt alone as the rain washed away the tears, gently and caring and she knows that God is here. Prayers of forgiveness, night and daytime too, while she learns that selfishness is always an act of a senseless fool.

Then, the rain stopped and she looked up to the sky, the sun’s out again and another unforgettable lesson learnt in life. Smiling to herself, thoughts still wandering in her mind, dumping her mistakes and sadness behind, but then, she looked back, just to wave them goodbye.


Tht’s all~ just feel like writing something… 🙂

M having quiz this week ad… Spanish somemore… aish~ so fast… missing my holidays ad… *sob*

Was trying out diff effects in adobe photoshop n it’s fun… haha…

After photoshop effect… Tada!!! Quite scary eh! bt i find it funny somehow.. lol

Not really many pics to post nowadays, no time to enjoy myself oso… All because of assignments n quizzes… Sigh~

Well, tht’s all for now…