Yea… m addicted to Spanish ad… hehehe… bt it’s so complicating n tough *flipping through Spanish dictionary now* Bt the lecturer, Doctor Shalini is fun n cheerful so it makes the lectures not so dull n depressing… Got tons of work to do ad… Western Philosophy’s weekly journal *still thinking how to do them, paintings? Express them in recipes? Poems? Short stories?* Philosophy tutorial presentation, group presentation… x.x Bio group project, science fair thingie… Developmental Psychology report n presentation… Spanish weekly assignments, oral presentation *this 1 can die bt we’ll c*… n so on…. still gt quizzes n tons of homework…

Enuff of those hectic stuff… Jz watched Death Race in One U with Ian… NICE MOVIE LA!!!!! I love everything in the movie, the storyline, the effects, the game, the actor, etc…

Death Race

It’s rated 18sg.. So most of the violent parts r not censored, luckily…

Jason Statham! 🙂

Cool car n hot chic

Tmr still gt 8 o clock class… have to wake up early! :/

Will b uploading pics soon after transferring all the pics to my laptop… Till then, adiós, muchachas y muchachos…Buenas noches~

p/s: title means always have faith! =)

update *after showering* : was starting to feel like trying another look… so jz cut my boring-long-fringe on my own… *tsk tsk… save money ma…*