M so tired now bt have the urge to blog so….. here i m, sitting infront of my baby Vaio, surfing the net, doing tons of research for my ARSE-signmentssss n blogging… *multitask all the time anyways*

Really wanna watch this la~ πŸ™‚

Madagascar 2

If u’re gonna watch this bt u haven watch Madagascar 1, i suggest u to download the first one n watch it first cz it’s hilarious~ πŸ™‚

Went to Gardens with parents n baby jz now.. Then dinner in some Taiwan restaurant, it’s called Fong Lye *if i’m not mistaken*… Bt i kinda wonder y there’re so many customers, some of them even need to line up outside for quite awhile jz to get in cz in my opinion, the food’s nice bt not THAT great.. so yea… Anyways, went to Borders after tht n bought another Meg Cabot novel… πŸ™‚

M currently reading this~ *Julia Quinn’s novels r niceee~*

Still got 5 more novels waiting for me to read… bt cannot enjoy reading them all the time cz of stupid quizzes n assignmentsss… sigh.. really miss holidays right now…

Other Julia Quinn’s nice novels~

well, tht’s all for now~ *m still addicted to U*