Started working on my Western Philosophy weekly journal yest… Quite fun actually.. hehe…

Had my fav’ biscuit with me

And my pictureless textbook…

This morning went to church… N boy, what an interesting topic the pastor chose… 🙂

Then went to Aroma Platter for lunch with baby and Mr. Super Flu visited me… Now my nose is so red n painful… 😦

Watched ‘Black Water’ in One U last week, it’s more to a real story, not too ‘kua zhang’.. not bad… Bt it’s quite predictable la.. The most pampered lil sister’s the brave survivor in the end… Wanna watch ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ bt not sure yet.. no time oso…

tht’s all for now ler… Tengo que solucionar el rompecabezas con mi novio! *have to practice my Spanish oso ma.. :p*