Jz came back from the cinema! watched……..

The Other Boleyn Girl

A teriffic movie about the rivalry between 2 stunning sisters who wanted to get the King’s attention… Bt for me, it’s more to a movie about the ugly side of seduction n greed for power… Well, it kinda added some extra thoughts to myself, are women always the ones who r trying so hard to get the passion and attention from their loved ones? are women who are more passionate and take relationships more seriously compared to the others considered as the weak ones among themselves?

My girlfriend once asked me, ‘generally speaking, do u think a guy can live with just a woman in his life?’ bt in my opinion, world’s changing, even some girls r two timing their boyfriends, not many i hope… lol

Anyways, very gorgeous dresses, Natalie Portman is hot n Scarlett Johansson’s lips r very thick~

p/s: i’m very lucky to have an outrageously attractive walking dictionary/tutor who’s addicted to popcorns in cinema.. :p
Buenas noches!