Sitting in Starbucks now, trying to work on my Philosophy weekly journal about human nature n philosophy of art… mind’s full of questions like what is human by nature? i do not agree when ppl say tht philosophy is a waste of time cz the fact is, it is all around us… jz tht most of us do not realize… However, wanna take some time off to blog… :p

An hour ago, arrived Bangsar Village carrying my Vaio and books… THEN, i realized tht my PDA phone’s not with me.. =.= so drove all the way back home n grabbed my phone and here i m now… with all sorts of problem m dealing right now, was wondering will my day get any worse… Bt while i was heading to a sofa, an American stranger *i think* who was standing, turned to me n…

Stranger : hey, sweetie, smile
Me : *turned to his direction* n guess whut i said…….. ‘HAR?’ =.=”””
Stranger : go on, smile! =)
Me : *realized what’s going on n gave him a smile*
Stranger : there u go.. =))
Me : …… ……

Then i didn’t answer him, jz walked away ASAP… I was quite shocked at first cz in Malaysia, if someone approaches u tht way, most probably he is a pervert bt then i could feel his sincerity n i smiled back at him in a polite manner *tht’s all i can do*… After ordering my hot choco, sat on the comfy sofa *ah~ nice*… He was sitting at the table somewhere near me, drinking some sparkling wine i perhaps… N yes, he smiled to me again…

Mayb i didn’t realize tht i’m quite afraid to b vulnerable, trying so hard not to portray my feelings tht obviously bt even a random stranger could felt it…

Jz heard some girls who were sitting next to me yelled in horror… *donno whut happened* mayb some insect or what-so-ever…

tht’s all for now, gotta continue with my work!

p/s: it is not jz an insect!!! i jz heard them saying ‘lizard’!!! omg.. i hope tht thing won’t come near me… pls God!!