Can’t wait for next Monday! =) and next Wed’s MPH booksale somewhere in Damansara.. =))

Night b4 yest, cooked steak with ian again… it was awesome…

Then yest went for dinner in my parents friend’s house with some other guests… the place’s so comfortable n Zen-ish… the food was more to the european-style bt it’s delicious…

The living room

The TV room


The swimming pool which was above a Koi pond… stylish~

Yea, it’s above cz the Koi pond’s at the 2nd floor and the swimming pool’s jz right above it, somewhere at the 3rd floor… blah~ :p

After tht, dinner time! it was not as casual as we thought it would be..


Lots of champagne

and Red Wine tooooo

They finished half a Port, 1 bottle of champagne n 4 bottles of red wine…

A good girl like me, sticks to coffee cz no plain water.. =.= and ian helped finish most of my liquor… pheuw~

Mini cup… so cute

my flower scrunchie!

Ian n other guests

First course was ham with rock melon accompanied with some Port… *the taste was unique bt i’m not a fan of liquor so gave my Port to my hero instead :p*… Next was asparagus and self-marinated fresh salmon which was flown from France… *loves salmon* Then mussel and clam soup, very nice~ Then some Spanish style steam rice served with Hungarian goulash… *sigh* no pics of the food… was enjoying the moment… hehe…

And mommy’s cheesecake for dessert!

Watched Disaster Movie b4 the dinner… omg.. seriously felt like walking out of the cinema… ian gave me the ‘C!!! i told ya’ look… bt was curious how bad a movie like tht would turn out to be at first wad…. n yea… it is a disaster…. don waste ur money and time… lol…

p/s: Can’t wait to have fun during the weekend! & hope he’ll like it! =)