2 more papers to go!!! Developmental Psych tmr and Bio on Friday… x.x bt jz wanna enjoy some jazz while chatting wif frens for now… 🙂

Tmr m gonna head to the saloon right after exam… M thinking whether wanna go for a new look or not… Starting to plan wat m gonna do wif my babes for the holiday~

Yest saw the moon with a smiley face! =) so cute… those two stars r actually Venus and Jupiter accompanied by a crescent moon… It’s jz right infront of my house, so lucky…

Someday everything will make perfect sense.

So for now, laugh at the confusion,

Smile through the tears,

and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.

p/s: It’s right at the bottom of the page.. :p

p/p/s: never give up