1 more day n it’s 2009 already… 9… lucky number, hope it’ll b a great year ahead… 🙂

Last week had a surprise bday dinner for grandma…

Winnie, bro, dad, me, mom, ah ku *mom’s bro* n beloved grandmere~

A Bday kiss for the special one

Then… Visited shopping malls around KL with bro’s gf n ah ku during X’mas…


One Utama

Glitters everywhere

Funny decos

Uh Hum..

Watched 3D Bolt last week… One word to describe the whole movie ~> cute…
But not as cute as this! =)

Winnie n me


The movie’s not bad… 3D effects not tht much bt we enjoyed ourselves… Besides tht, there will b quite a number of 3D movies coming soon… Next year…

And the reason of getting my sunburn is cz of this…

Really had a great time there… The theme park’s bigger now… i had my first flying fox and kayaking experience! However, the next day, my whole body was aching and my nose and cheeks were red, even until now… bt ah ku and bro’s conditions r worse… it’s like having 2 lobsters in my house now… *smirks*

Anyways, tmr have to attend a charity dinner… My feet r so sore right now after dance classes… Gotta go rest for now… have a nice time b4 this year ends!