Ooohhh, i love this song! 🙂

N i think it’s time to stop posting emo posts, since some have been complaining about my blog’s becoming gloomy already… lol… I guess when it comes to life, some decisions r not for us to make, so, follow the flow la…

Anyways, heard of the band, Estrella? If not, go youtube or download the song, “Stay”… At first i thought the song was sang by angmohs *as usual… nice English songs, angmohs… bullshit Ingerris songs, local* bt who knows, Estrella’s a local band wei! somemore the song’s really nice n relaxing, international standard… looks like Malaysia still has hope in this industry… 🙂

Went window shopping with dahling after class since she wanna get some new shades… Bt first stop has to b….


N bought…. shades too! “Dahling’s signature post” tskk…


p/s: mannn… y does it have to rain… AGAIN!