CNY’s over!
Here’s what to expect during CNY which is also called Spring Festival in Msia…
Of course there’re beautiful decorations everywhere, angpaos, laughters, loud songs…
n most importantly……

FOOD! *my aunt’s open house session*

Basically, she cooked everything… Pastas, glutinous rice, pork ribs, amazing desserts n so much more…

Seriously no idea what’s this for… -.-

Mini cupcakes which will make u crave for more!

My Belgian chocolate cheesecake!

Dinner in Pantai Seafood with family!



Thai Fish


and… hell lots of wasabi for….

my very first Geoduck!

The waiter there kept saying it’s GEEO-duck… it’s actually pronounced as GUI-duck la… Anyways, the food there’re marvellous… quite pricey bt worth every penny… If u love seafood, u’ll love this place! =)

Pics during CNY…
my garden

front porch


wanna buy a car!? :p

dad’s koi pond

running out of ideas…

i give up~

midnight pool

another CNY outing last week

my girls

love is in the air~

KL jam as usual… *nice carplate!* XD