Tmr’s my quantitative methods midterm exam n i couldn’t find my stupid scientific calculator… So ended up spending 52 bucks for a new one… Meanwhile, bought a new pair of Vincci flats, shoes there r not expensive to b honest n the designs r not bad either… =)

Yest met up with Ween and Carol for karaoke session and pool…

BOO! *chilling in Help*

p/s: apologies if we scared ya, no idea y the pic turn out to b so bright… =.=

Garden’s Red Box

Darling & Honey

Adorable Carol.. :p

First attempt

and the second one… =)

Pool session in Brewball, MV

After tht, sent Carol back n went to One U for dinner and neo prints as usual… 😉

Dinner in Bar BQ Plaza
“R we seriously gonna finish ’em up?”
The food~

We ordered the family meal at first because we were like “cheh, sure can finish the whole thing, so small!” who knows, in the end, we were so stuffed that we find it so hard to walk properly… haha…
Food’s nice and worth the price in my opinion, recommend u guys should go and try it someday…

Till next time! Ciao