Well, midterm’s over n i can relax for awhile at last… Not to mention tons of assignments will b piling up b4 i know it… Anyways, it’s March already! time really flies… 🙂

Yest went to Pavilion…

Snap snap while m driving.. lol

and… in the carpark… *me, wen, lai*

and…… cinema!

Luckily Kang n Max were not that late to miss the show… Watched “Role Models”… IMO, the movie’s quite hilarious eventhough i felt dumber n dumber after every second watching it… lol.. Apparently, they’re not really being typical role models to the kids in the movie… Towards the ending, it’s mostly about the characters playing in some live action role playing game a.k.a “LAIRE”… i know… interesting… Anyways, had fun laughing with frens, tht’s good enuff… 🙂

Then, strolled around Pavilion for awhile and had fun chit chatting all the way…
Parkson’s bathroom lounge, comfy!

Dinner at Tony Roma’s
Food in Tony Roma’s not bad cz everything’s fresh and the portion’s really big… Ordered marinated chicken grilled, to b honest, it’s jz mediocre bt if u go there and u don’t have the mood for steaks, u should try the BBQ 1/2 chicken and Fish and fries, really nice… 🙂
Baby Wen’s masterpiece! 🙂
After tht, went to Uma Rani for supper… The fried ice cream they serve there’s reallly nice! 🙂 Then, had fun laughing our heads off over some weird topics and was extremely exhausted…
Last weekend, went out with the same bunch of frens… Watched The Punisher : WarZone which was quite ok, a lot fighting and brutal scenes were shown… bt still, i prefer The Saw… :p After tht, went for steamboat in Kepong, nice!
Wen admiring Kang’s food… XD

The guyss
High schoolmates… 🙂
Then Thurs met up with Joycy! went for pool and window shopping…
15 years of friendship

Love ya!

Can’t wait to go jalan jalan cari sedap makanan with Summer and the guys… haha.. food hunting! here we come!
p/s: sometimes i hate tht i miss u