220309 ~ Celebrated Max a.k.a. Wah’s bday with the gang…

Lunch at Vivo, The Curve

I actually quite like the food and drinks there… Service and food quality’s not bad, portion’s well enough and of course, reasonable price… =)

Manda & Max

Me & Reeves

Kang & Lai

Bday Boy!!!

Then, watched the movie….

which is a Disney movie… so, I personally have nothing much to comment bout…

outside the cinema *Fa, Mi, Re, Do* LOL!


After that…..

Dinner at my place!

Kang modelling for McD! Nice! XD
cute? haha…
As usual!

Candid by Manda

It’s always about laughters and jokes with the gang… =)

Moving on, weeks ago *i think*… Went shopping with Manda in One U…
Pull & Bear

Then lunch in Sushi Zanmai! *YUM~*
Sashimi salad

Introducing, our favourite sushi!!!

We were so full tht we couldn’t walk properly after tht…
Last Thurs, went to the Gardens with Manda, lunch in the same Japanese restaurant again!
More of these darlings~

and more!!!

Me loveee~
Spotted these cute ones!
Sushi Hamburger style~

Oh yes~ We just lurveeee Sushi!

p/s: apologies for this very late post cz didn’t have the time to update at all!