Quantitative methods revision right now… blegh… let me do some equations…

Finals + arse-signments + baking + uni apps + personal dilemma = STRESS
Stress reliever = Munching
No munching = No stress reliever = MUCH STRESS! *k… enuff*

Made myself some french toasts and egg omelets for dinner since didnt have much appetite

Titbits I bought from Village Grocer

I missed these babies so much!

Baskin Robbins Very Berry Strawberry *yum*

Home made chocolate chip cookies

Since was making a batch for ninja a.k.a. Lck, who kept requesting for them, might as well bake some extras for myself! *tsk~*

and… lotsa water!

Mandapanda’s having fun in HK now~ sigh… i wanna go too! =(
Gotta continue with my revisions right now… hmm… can’t wait to meet up with my babes after finals! and not to mention, April 30th… looking forward!

But first……

Human Motivation… *Interesting… not…..*

M hoping i wont fall asleep n fall from the chair again… =.=