Last paper to go – Human Motivation sub!!! *m so not motivated yet* and… luckily all my finals r b4 my big 20th… Yessss, m turning 2o very soon which means no more teen life for me after tht! =(

Had my gel nails done last week in JJ Nails, should pamper n sayang myself more… =) Then, had lunch in Jogoya with Wen n Lai today, the meal’s very satisfying n had fun with them as always… will update more about tht soon!

Recently m having mood swings from time to time, due to all sorts of issues but i believe things’ll get better in time… hopefully… Besides tht, thanks to my sucky internet connection, i won’t b able to download some movies which i really m eager to watch! sigh~ But i have my novels, lots of them, so whatever la… Read about this article which i think is quite meaningful and interesting, check it out if u have time to spare!

Malacca rave party coming soon… since my weekend’s fully booked again… to go or not, guess we’ll see!

Back to revision n novels now! Ciao…

p/s: Stresss and moody-ness is all i can say and portray right now