R.E.D 44 – Bounce Wit Me ~ awesome song from the movie, Stomp the Yard… it’s in my playlist btw, check it out! =)
Lunch at Vivo with my buddy last weekend~
Chocolate Indulge with fluffy marshmallows~

Fried calamari and onion rings *huge!*
Spaghetti with mushroom gravy
Hot chocolate fudge cake with a scoop of creamy ice cream
It’s really a nice place to chill with friends… We were chatting n enjoying our meal the entire time and we came up with a slumber party this weekend! *jumps around joyfully*
And.. here’s a pic of my new nail-do! =)
Love the nail arts… Had them done in JJ Nails, Midvalley and some touchups in OPI colour couture…
Then lunch in Jogoya which i mentioned in the previous post… here’re the pics!
Snap snap
Rest and relax b4 the buffet
The lunch
Free flow of wine
We were starving!
My fav’ thick slices of butterfish sashimi
and the meal goes on…
Chocolate cake covered sushi *interesting*

Crispy sushi roll and spicy escargot
Fries which were specially served
Wen had 2 servings of tomyam soup… She’s completely addicted to it…
“All mine! Back off!”
Fresh coconuts *each of us had 5 of them! Seriously bloated*
Although it was quite torturing when we started laughing cz our stomachs were bloated, we had fun… =)
Lai : *started some joke while munching*
Wen : *trying her best not to laugh cz she was so full* suddenly stood up and rubs stomach
Me : *burst into laughters and started smacking lai’s hand*
and it goes on…
12 scoops of Haagen Dazs!
Man… looking at these pics just makes me feel as if we were hungry cows… haha… Bt it was totally worth it! Next stop, Tenji perhaps?
Last week, had steamboat for dinner with parents in Ho Ho steamboat at Jln Ipoh…
looks like they even upgrade their service………

…..with loud buzzers!