Holidays at last! M gonna help my mom out in AP soon… Had been going out for the past 2 days non stop… from one occasion to another n it went on and on and on…… it was tiring bt fun! =)

Yest attended 2 bday parties then met up with the usual gang at night in Kepong…

After tht, watched “Coming Soon” with Lai, Max, JingJie and Reeves, a horror movie which is not bad, then had another yumcha session… Played Wii till 6 in the morning just now! “Cooking Mama”, very adorable game…

Then with my exhausted looks and swollen eyes, had late lunch with my buddy in Sushi Zanmai…

Salad with slices of raw beef with Wafu dressing


Buds premium ice cream to keep me awake while i was doing my revision! nice!

My new hairdo… fringe!

Most of my friends and even my own grandma couldn’t recognise me after tht…

Me *walked into tv room*
Grandma : “are u looking for wena?”
Me *stunned* : “omg….. i AM ur granddaughter la…”
Grandma *started giggling non stop*

and then, went for my finals

Me *walked into examination hall*
Lecturer *starring at me as if i was some kinda alien* : “this hall is for PY302 students yea!”
Me n my classmates *nod nod*
Lecturer *starring at me again as if i was retarded* : “Miss, i don’t think u’re one of my students”
Me *stunned AGAIN* : “It’s me la, Rowena!”
Lecturer *practically shouted* : “OHHHH!!!” n he kept on laughing

So embarrassing……….. =.=

Anyways, after tht went to the Gardens with James, had desserts! =)

Sea coconut with sweet corn… yum! =)

Then had supper with my fren in SS2! the food’s amazing although u’ll b expecting cockroaches running around everywhere… bt still, the meal’s awesome!
Roti Hawai

Ribena with assorted fruits and nata de coco

Claypot noodles *two thumbs up!*

Durian pancakes from the Gardens

New top! =)

Tht’s all for now! till next time!

p/s: mm hm! addictive, as always~ =)