As whut i mentioned in the previous post, had a longgg night n my babes stayed over… i managed to sleep for 3 freaking hours only.. then decided to wake up to open my pressies b4 kacau-ing the others from their sweet dreams… *smirks*

Presents from my beloved mommy

Mom knows me best, love jewellery! =)

From Chian

wonderinng when should i wear this! haha… thanks babe

Earrings from Joycy
Here r some of the presents!

same as my tattoo! =)

lol.. lingerie from my MeiMei…

Adorable mug from DD! =)

From Chau.. =)

After tht, went n kacau-ed them up! hahaha… everyone’s dead tired for sure… :p


Amanda the sexy worm.. lol!

the guyssss… WEEE~

Had bfast in Jalan Ipoh with them after tht… then everyone went home to rest except me… accompanied my parents for the best dimsum in Summer Palace… my favourite! =)

Then Wen babe called me n asked me out for dinner, steamboat in HoHo with Lai, Max, JJ and Wen… yum!
After tht, yumcha in Uma Rani, our usual hang out place… n they surprised me with a bday cake! then only i knew it was all well planned by Wen babe.. haha.. love her to bits.. =)
Candid! lol…

whut u doin JJ… LOL!
happy happy Nana again! :p
Camwhore mode on… haha….
Thanks guys for everything! love ya! xoxo