Updates at last! =) Celebrated my bday with my family n friends, had tons of fun tht night! thanks guys!

My wonderful friends *Chian, James* thanks!

Happy Nana =)

Roses from James

The night! *ol’ friends*

Take 1 *DD! where u looking la!*

much better! =)

Daddy dearest!

My girls~
My boys
My precious!

Amanda the sexy one *thanks girl for everything, muax!*
14 years of friendship and still going strong! lol
kisses from mua to Chian
kisses from the baby girl, she’s soo adorable!
Love ya’ll muchie muchie!

Then, afterparty, went to Asian Heritage Row Bar Club with my babesss… Had fun n met some new friends~ =)
Let’s partay, ppl! was sweating like mad
Daryl, Nana, Nick *thanks guys for getting us in! haha*
After tht, wen babe, amanda the sexy one, panda, lai, kang, wah, hang n JJ stayed over at my place, everyone’s like dead tired bt really had fun with them.. =)
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