Last night, went for a movie…

The Uninvited

not scary AT ALL… bt it’s still not bad… i guess….

Went for dimsum with my parents 2 weeks ago *yea, late updates.. :p*

on the way to Summer Palace! *at last!*

soft shell crabs

my fav! lao sha bao *not lao sai bao yea, Justin n James! =.=*

Then, accompanied Meimei to the saloon for hairdo…
she kept complaining her head’s super heavy… LOL
8/5/09 ~ Malacca roadtrip with James, Justin, Faifai, Mae, Summer, Sujie, Jason, Ben and Alvin… It was fun hanging out with them! great friends, not-so-great weather but great food = Awesome!

James, Justin, Faifai and Mae *a friend of the gang, got to know her on tht day n she’s really adorable and sweet!* picked me up around 9, had breakfast in Puchong, DIMSUM! yum!!!

Mae and Nana

Then, continued our journey to Malacca!
Me & Fai’s hand
James & Mae

Justin the driver!


Arrive at last!

First stop : Starbucks!

Mae’s funky umbrella! XD

Nice building

Throughout the whole journey, we kept eating, walking and sweating under the HOT sun…

“Justinker Strejames” XD

Chicken Rice Balls

Ppl often say tht when u’re in Malacca, this is a must try… in my opinion, the rice balls r very soft n smooth, somehow, they tasted more like porridge to me, other than tht, nothing special.. lol… didn wanna finish my portion cz wanna enjoy other delicacies of course! ;p
creepy statue

yes indeed, my phone’s always with me.. =p

trying very hard to sms, stupid reflection

Next stop, cendol!
Pucker up!

Best cendol i’ve ever had!

Fully packed

Enjoying my baba durian cendol

sweating like mad

Moving on to the next stop, pork satay! delicious!
Me & Summer

After tht, went for a long walk, enjoyed the scenery n cool breeze while we laughed n continued sweating like mad… =)
James bullying Fai
My turn! :p

shy Justin… XD
shopping time

dont ever mess with me yo! :p

love this pic





group pic!

most of us weren’t focusing at all n i was on the phone too… :p

posers! *take 1*

*take 2*!

After tht, had satay celup for dinner! niceee…. the place was so crowded!
Awesome gravy! definitely a must try…

heading back to KL
Reached home around 11 something, was dead tired!
the cap i bought!

Necklace from James…
Next day, wasn’t feeling well, flu and slight fever… :s guess it’s the weather…

yummy healthy congee cooked n delivered by Daryl aka monkeyboy… =)

Papua new guinea longan from my dad’s patient

They taste like rambutan, very sweet and the texture’s very smooth… definitely something i’ve never tasted b4.. =)

Monday went for karaoke session with Max, Wyndi, Lai n JJ in One U… then went for steamboat buffet in Sunway… had fun with them as usual! :p

Tues, went to help my mom in AP, it was a very busy day cz customers kept coming non stop… was feeling a bit dizzy cz not fully recovered yet… *sniff sniff*

Surprise delivery from James just now… my fav! thanks! 🙂

Browsing through my pic folders n found some old pics *chubby chubby! LOL…* memories~
Nana & Wen babe *love ya!*

tht’s all for now! till next time!