Some frens of mine told me they sense major changes in me… inside out, bt hey, as long as i know my own priorities, whut m doing n who m i, there’s always no harm making changes for the better in life.. =)

Last Sunday, accompanied my parents for lunch in Lucky Garden then went shopping for shades with mom, aunt Evon n Betty… always love trying on shades even if it’s just for fun… haha… I ended up with 3 choices and really had a tough time choosing which 1 to go for.. Betty adores the Coach 1, Aunt Evon asked me to go for Marc by Marc n my mom likes the classic Cassius 1…

and… i chose Cassius! *mommy knows best*

Last Tuesday went yumcha in AC n ordered watermelon juice BESAR… the guys were so sure tht i won’t b able to finish it bt after finishing it, still felt kinda thirsty! lol….

Received 2 dozens of Krispy Kreme from Annoynyer-mouse… =.= The doughnuts were awfully sweet for my liking… for me, i like the original glazed ones, hot n crispy on the outside and soft in the inside…

The rose cupcake I bought from BSC *yum!*

Last week was quite tiring for me, 3 happening days in a row and i had fun with my frens a lot! =)

Nana, Justin, Mae

and not to forget James the photographer… *thanks for joining us, ya’ll! ;p*

Me & Daryl

Last night, accompanied my mom to some function in Aroma Platter then Daryl, Mel n Jack picked me up then we went to Pop, the place’s packed with “seafood”, got quite beh tahan at some point… in the end, we changed venue which is a good thing i guess.. haha..
Met up with Reggie jz now, she looks damn hot bt babe, u’re still my lil psycho… :p
p/s: it’s almost impossible for me to tell u how much i love u but i jz want u to know tht i really do n u’ll always b my idol… i love u dad! *found out tht he cancelled his meeting tonight jz to spend some quality time with his baby girl… sooo touched*

tht’s all for now!