Robert Rainford aka the sexay celebrity chef from License to Grill is coming to Malaysia n he’s having his BBQ workshop at Bangsar Village 2 on 20th June! Awesome! =) hm~ *maybe i should prepare some tupperwares…* tsk~ bt yea.. for those who has no clue who m talking about, u should watch Asian Food Channel on Astro, great channel… no Astro? subscribe then!

Anyways, received my offer letter yest and what else… nowadays, had been hanging out with frens most of the time and learn some investment stuff from me mommy… must get a new schedule book for myself tmr *reminder* =p

Went n supported Leonard’s gig – An Honest Mistake on 3rd June with some of my friends… Congrats on winning the Urbanattic Acoustic Showdown! for more infos, visit his blog by just simply clicking HERE!

*Victor, Justyne, Michelle, band’s lead singer, Leo, Melvin, Daryl, me*

and another performance in Laundry, 7th May… *i know… long time ago~* =p

*Leo, me, Chian, Nick, Melvin, Justyne, Daryl*

Funny random pic of Melvin and Daryl, observing some lizards having a sex-blast outside Mel’s house… *euw*

Sunday, was actually planning to have dimsum with my parents in Yuen Garden, Puchong bt we ended up at Summer Palace instead cz dad’s on call… so Yuen Garden has to wait, next week most probably! =)

Last Friday, 5th May, was ajak-ed to attend some model search event aka Runway 101… went with Leonard, James and Justin…

VIP ticket

the judges

The judges were Bill Quah *one of the senior lecturers in Help Uni*, Juanita *winner of Malaysian Dreamgirls 2009 and Adelaine Chin *Miss Malaysia 2007*

the models

the audience

James, Nana

and again!

Calvin the photographer, Nana

Posing on stage =)

Affe, Nana

Affe the boss, James the driver *lol*, Nana

Felix, Nana

Scandal! swt….

After tht, went for some yumcha session in asia cafe with James, Justin, Calvin, Mae n some other frens, had fun laughing, chatting n of course, meeting new peeps… =)

tht’s all for now! till next time~

p/s: dreams do come true n i’ll make sure mine do, one by one, eventually…