Bro’s coming back to Msia this Thurs! looking forward to spending more quality time with him n my family…

Anyways, today’s jz a normal day for me, after having a good night sleep, it seems tht everything’s back to normal… Had bfast in Yuen Garden with parents *finally!* dimsums r awesome… =) then was invited to have dinner with someone n his family bt of course, ignored cz i have other stuff to do n it’s jz too random… bt he’s heading back to Aussie tmr, so yea… wishing him best of luck here!
13 July which was KaFai aka FaiFai’s bday… had japanese buffet dinner with the gang in Daidomon which is jz opposite Gleneagles hosp *jz in case u get food poisoning.. jk!* Nice food + nice environment + great friends = perfect outing =) love the wagyu beef and sashimi!

Bday boy *scary eyes*, Jill


The food!

Affe, Bday boy
Bday boy, Tawfik, Jason & Summer!

The sweet couple.. =)

Candid by Affe =p

So romantic! XD *Justin, DS*

Nana & Justin

Bday boy peeking

James & Nana

Burp! =p

GeeLing, Jill *munch munch*

Nana, FaiFai

Me and the girls *they’re jz too adorable!*

Pucker up!

Summer bully then sayang Jill who merajuk-ed =)

Have no idea when was this taken.. funny sial… =.=

After having our scrumptious meal, brought the gang to Bamboo to meet up with William, Justyne, Mich and the rest for the after partay! *Fai, really hope u had a blast with us!* 😉
Last Thurs, went over to Daryl’s with the bunch… Daryl & Mel’re the chefs for the night… had potato skins, steaks, soup, carbonara and my fav! *salad with poached egg and smoked bacon..* yum! thanks guys for the wonderful meal.. =)

12/06 Outing with Chian and the guys =)


Bangsar’s usual jam

Random pics of my baby Shiro

Ball of fur =p

Last Wed, had lunch in Xenri, Old Klang road with mom n some of her friends… the food’s awesome, quite pricey though bt it’s totally worth it! =)
on the way to food paradise! =p

Shoes locker

Reservation area

A lil ‘sake’ b4 the meal *love the wood sliding doors*

We had course meals cz apparently this branch doesn’t do buffet style but fine dining instead…

Starters : tofu, fresh tomatoes and edamame which were imported from Japan

Mushroom soup

First set of sashimi : salmon, squid, scallop, butterfish, prawn

Freshly ground wasabi


Second set of sashimi : tuna belly, flying fish, sea urchin and so on…

Premium Wagyu beef

Ice cold noodles with salmon roe

Melon ice cream *two thumbs up!*

Our comfy dining room =)

Overall, love the food and the environment… If u love japanese food, then this is the place to go to… =)
Hopefully tmr’ll b a great day! dinner with my gfs perhaps! ciao!