Yeap, meet BabyI everyone… =) Got myself an iPhone 3G last night after talking to my mom the day b4 yest and here it is! Besides tht, thanks to my awesome bro, I’m falling in love with it more & more… and best of all it’s WHITE *16Gb memory*!!! not tht I don think the black ones r nice bt white’s always my first choice… Jz installed iBlog and Facebook, gonna install more apps, games and novels including Twilight series later! =)

Bro using BabyI

Red Rebel casing from bro =)

The model =p

Moving on, pics which were missing from previous post!

Justin checking out his bday present n me jz being “kepoh” LOL

Raw slice of beef *yum~*
Candid pic by GeeLing

Today’s daddy dearest’s birthday! Bro n I still thinking hard what to buy for him… =) it feels kinda funny though, receiving such an expensive present from dad while it’s his birthday instead…
Besides tht, went yumcha with my frens 2 weeks ago… while was walking with Chian, some girl approached and asked whether i’m interested in being a participant for their Female magazine 50 Most Gorgeous Search… So was thinking y not, jz try out for fun… And unexpectedly, jz received a call from them saying tht i’m shortlisted… Gonna have a photoshoot soon, still considering whether to go for it or not… I guess we’ll see… =)
Anyways, will update again soon! have a nice week! ciao!
p/s: peace & happiness to u wherever u r…