Bro’s back to Aussie ad, sob! but he’ll b back around November n i might b attending his graduation there! WoOt!

Currently addicted to quite a few dramas despite having an overloaded schedule… =p

Random pic – karaoke session

19/06 – Dad’s surprise bday cake from me n bro

It’s written “Handsome” =p

Love of my life!

Baby Shiro!

Bday celebration in Aroma Platter

Then went back home n had fun playing with Shiro n Fifi… My cousin went for a trip so Fifi stayed over at my place… =)
Lazy Shiro, bro, Fifi

Shiro looks scary here…

Mom’s turn to play with the dogs *so cute!*

Random pic – my Babyi’s wallpaper =p

can’t blame me for loving sushi tht much, seriously.. πŸ™‚
cutiepies chilling around

Father’s day, had dinner in South Sea restaurant, Subang… Personally, i love tht place, delicious food, fresh seafood and tht explains y it’s always fully packed with customers…
Juicy abalone

R. Chee and Dr. Chee *winks*

Bro’s fav huge crabs with thick cheese gravy *thumbs up!*

Cheese baked escargots

Last week, went over to Alvin’s to play Wii!

The dancing game… hilarious!

Sat night, cousin’s wedding dinner in Overseas restaurant, PJ… It’s nice seeing everyone there, quite rare having my big family *mom’s side* get together except during CNY and other celebrations…

The nice decos

uncles and cousins

well, tht’s all for now! will update again soon perhaps… Adious…

p/s: unexpectedly, i teared again…