Apologies for the lack of updates, nowadays m quite busy n schedule’s still quite packed! =) Have been spending most of my time with friends n of course, addicted to games and twilight novel on BabyI… =p

Attended some event, Maquerade Ball which was held in Heritage Mansion *4th July* with my friends… and bumped into DD surprisingly! well, he’s charming as usual… 😉

The day b4 tht event, went mask hunting with the brothers, JJ in Sunway Pyramid and One U…

Lunch in Sunway

Some weird Korean drink

My fav’ takoballs! *though i prefer the ones they sell in Asia Cafe*

Noodles with rice cakes

Beef and rice

Rice cakes with slices of beef and spicy gravy *yumm*

Followed by desserts!

Mango and sago =)

Justin : slurrrrpppp!

James & Nana

Masquerade night!

Me and the catwoman… XD


Enjoyed the night with friends… After tht, yumcha session in Chawan, Bangsar… ABC and cendol are awesome! strongly recommended! =p However, didn’t expect my life to be sooo dramatic after tht event… haha… anyhooooo, m used to it…

Cant really remember when bt Alvin brought me to this thai mamak for dinner… As for me, I love spicy food so gonna rate the food there 9/10… Yum!

Had 2 bowls of this, awesome!

LOL… looks like my name from far! =p

Pasar malam session! Had smelly tofu, mochi, roasted meat and so on…

Adorable Laurie

Melvin’s funny expression while buying fried calamari

01/07, went to Midvalley with William, Justyne and Daryl.. We’re planning to watch transformers bt tickets 100% sold out…

Justyne kena bullied in Toys’r’us… haha

Random picture : new earrings me likey!

Another tattoo?…….. nah! it’s a fake 1.. =p

03/07 Another Malacca roadtrip… This time it’s with Lauren, Daryl and ChunHien… We went there for the food obviously since there’s nothing much to admire except museums and more museums… -.-

Lauren the driver

Pork Satay!

Seriously, traffic in Malacca is just plain scary… The roads are mind-boggling, ppl drive like nobody’s business, pedestrians crossing the road without concerning about their own safety…
And somehow, the 4 of us managed to join the “excitement” as well…
Most of the time on the road, our conversations were like this…
Lauren : “where’s the menara? where’s the menara!?”
D,R,C : “AAhh!!! Lauren!!! got car/motor/ppl crossing the road!!!” *heart skips a beat*
Another random pic : my fav Cheerios with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries *damn healthy* =)

Adorable logo!
Last Sunday, had dinner at this Thai restaurant with Vic, Miao and Laurie… The meal was absolutely scrumptious and can’t wait to go there again!
Last Thurs, photoshoot in PJ… Makeup and hairdo took 3 hours, couldn’t really feel my butt after sitting on the hard wooden chair… overall, it was quite tiring… :/ the photoshoot ended around 9.. then headed to Tenji, Mont Kiara for jap buffet with the Help gang!



What girls do in the bathroom =p

Nana & SuJie

Day b4 yest, had cheeese naaan for supper! very filling indeed… *two thumbs up!*

Yest night, went Snowflakes with Alvin for desserts…
The chunky beeping UFO device which lights up when ur order’s ready =)

Tht’s all for now… An all-in-one post… haha… tmr’ll b a busy day again… ciao! *bloody hell, can’t stop coughing again… grr… *

p/s: u’re sweet… nuff said… =)