Very sick nowadays, slight fever + cough + sore throat + a bit of flu *dont worry, not H1N1 btw… =p* and feel very bad for ffk-ing my frens who i was supposed to hang out with and not to mention my appointment which i ffk-ed last minute 6 times already… whut to do, sick wad… =/

Last Sat, attended Summer’s bday party in Vistana hotel… bt didnt manage to go for Luc’s party cz was quite tired and didn’t want my parents to worry… =)

Table for her kissable frens! XD

and a very nice card from the bday girl for her guests… =)

James, Nana, Affe, Summer and Marcus

Summer and her so called monkeysss 😉

Dee and Jill

The food! *two thumbs up!*

Specially made bday cake


funny random pic : Masquerade night… *look at the twins! XD* Sujie looks smokin’ btw… =)

Mom’s 100+ bucks durian cake! AWESOME!

Here’s for u, kor! =x

Next, introducing my recent fav hang out place… CHAWAN, bangsar! =) have been hanging out with friends here quite often… and again, delicious food, reasonable price and nice ambience! I personally love the keropok lekor and ABC which they serve there *damn, craving for them already… aish* it’s just opposite Bangsar Village 1 btw…

smooth teh tarik

Then Sunday went for bfast in Asia Cafe with frens…

two hugeass watermelon juice+ milk

Tues had lunch in Madam Kwan’s with Faifai *finally*… =) had a great time chatting and eating with him, very nice lunch outing indeed… then he suggested desserts in Mango Mania…

and His! =p *yummm!*

and a mini gift from him! named her Mango… lol

Mini BooBear and Mango *so cute!*

Beginning of a beautiful friendship… sobs~ ahahaha

Tht’s all for now! gotta get some rest already… can’t wait for A&W ice cream waffle for bfast later and lunch in Chawan again with Laury! =)

Au revoir!