Quote from a movie I watched just now which I find is quite true… “U’ll lose money chasing after women bt u won’t lose women if u’re chasing after money” =p

Schedule’s quite messed up lately… @.@ Must learn how to organize things properly already… haha… Gonna b a good daughter and help my mom out at her shop starting from this week and can’t wait for muveee day this Sat! =)

Last Tues attended Daryl’s service thingie with Brandon, Joycy and Reeves… Then met up with Lauren, Marilyn, Amy and Eugene for desserts in Beans…

Me and Laurie

Pretty ladies~

After tht, Wednesday, went to Mango Mania with Justyne and Vic, as usual, berbonding time is always fun… Then, had dinner in Klang with Vic *the food master*… =p Scrumptious meal I would say! haha… Very yummy + very affordable price = perfect!
Read this b4 proceeding: there’ll b numerous pics of foooood… don’t say I didn’t warn u beforehand! lol
Red Wine Kuay Teow *drools*

Huge clams

Went to Snowflake again for desserts last week… *two thumbs up!*

Curry chee cheong fan with crispy fried chicken *a must try!*

my fav’ lao sha bao =3

Bfast in Subang *yummm*

Then headed over to Old Town Kopitiam to chill…
The saddest roti bakar I’ve ever seen with *2 french-fries-butter* and kaya

Then had my 7th ear piercing! =)

Awesome place for waffle lovers in Sunway Pyramid

Mango Mania again! *mango crepes*

Mango Yo’ Frost, Banana Yo’ Boat and me *no idea y my face looks so bloated here*… -.-

Sunday, dad decided to bring me and mommy dearest for nice jap food in Subang… =) Nice restaurant, good service, nice food but a bit pricey…
All time fav, Tempura Udon

Fresh sashimi

Kimchi Udon *love the soup*

Special Wagyu beef
After tht, yumcha session with Kang and the others in Souled Out, Hartamas.

Yest night went for late yumcha session with Alvin aka dai lou and monkehboy…
Alvin and his “kopi-o” lol


Another nice quote from my friend “To the world U may be one person bt to one person, U may be the world”
Anyways, still thinking whether to get these Aldo heels or not since they’re having this sales… or maybe I should just spend the money on clothes shopping instead. hmm…
Apple carrot juice + Apple cucumber juice *ain’t gonna share!*
Have a nice week ppl!

p/s: forget me not