The funny thing about humans is tht we tend to appreciate something or someone more when we finally realise they’re gone.

M fully recovered at last! *can be considered so =p* wanna thank my frens for the text msgs and wishes, love ya guys!

Two new creations of mine! Blueberry and Chocolate cream.. yum~

Spotted: 7 Eleven’s daily delivered *fresh*bananas…

Two thumbs up! Lamb and mashed potatoes

Went to Snowflakes with the monkehboy and his sister 2 weeks ago… =)

Huge portions

The next day, worked as usual in AP then lunch with Eugene…
Candid pics: Fooling around with his shades

Still prefer mine.. =p

Lunch at Alexis

Happy girl with her new fragrance

BR31 for dessert of course! Fav Jamoca Almond Fudge and Peppermint Choc

Have been shopping a lot lately since it’s sales everywhere! A girl gotta do what a girl gotta do… =)

Killer heels *must have* =p

more clothes and jeans!

Meal my grandmere cooked when I was sick

and lotsa chilli padi! *who cares whether m sick* lol

Yest the 16th… Was craving for sushi so badly, decided to have a satisfying lunch with my buddy then!
@ Sakae Sushi, Bangsar Village 2

Scallops and salmon
After tht, headed over to my dad friend’s mansion which was seriously huge to check out his jap kois and catch some crayfish for dinner… =) The house looks stunningly gorgeous and spacious bt didnt take much pics, didn’t want to give them the impression tht m some kinda weird privacy intruder… -.-
One of the garages
Crayfish! Tadaaa!
Had an awesome dinner with my parents… Can’t wait for seafood dinner soon!
Yoga babeh, yoga! =)

Was cleaning up my room few days ago and found this in my cupboard…

LOVE ~ Philosophy of life

p/s: Was playing the song on the piano and it made me smile, just like a fool. 🙂