Dad jz got a portable broadband thingie, can online at home finally… My streamyx’s going through a very tough time right now, hopefully it’ll “recover” asap! =(

Yest, dramas again *no worries ppl, everything’s fine right now* then followed my buddy to Phuture. Personally I think it’s a nice happening place packed with nice crowd… However, didnt stay long n went yumcha with some other frens at A&W instead… Had a really great time during supper and Vic aka “Roxyyyyyy” waxed my shoulder by pulling off the oh-so-sticky-Phuture-sticker off my shoulders UNEXPECTEDLY… definitely worse than bikini waxing… LOL! Anyhoooow, will go back for a proper partay session soon, condamnfirm *promise u officially here la, buddehbuddy*… =p

Couldn’t really sleep last night so stayed up until morning then headed over to Midvalley to have my gel nails touched up and redesigned… Totally loving them right now! *vainess* hahaha… Then my buddy came n looked for me to have lunch at Sushi Zanmai, tried the new lobster dish, yum! Had a nice bonding time with my fwen and great laugh too when this “incident” took place :

Eugene : *takes Shoyu*
Nana : *continues eating*
Eugene : *pours hell lot of Shoyu into green tea cup instead*
Nana : O.O!
Eugene : EH!!! ADUHAIII… *guess he wasn’t sober yet after all XD*
Nana : *burst into laughters* Drink it la if u dare! =p
Eugene : *stir stir stir……. bottom’s up then face became super red*
Nana : WTF!!!!!!

Was practically stunned and laughing like siao bt still thanks for the awesome meal, genie =) After lunch, while we’re window shopping, some angmoh came up to us and gave us free tickets for the show, Up, at GSC Signature bt was too tired so i went home to sleep instead… Hopefully next time, there’ll b more kind angmohs offering free tix lah! XD

Anyways, tht’s it for now! will update again real soon… toodles!

p/s: I’ve never expected tht…