Got a phone call just now n the conversation went like this:

*picks up unknown phonecall*
Me: Hello?
Shirley: HELLO!
Me: errr.. who is this?
Shirley: Hello!
Me: SIAPA INI!? *frowns*
Shirley: Rowena! it’s me, Shirley yea.
Me: OHH!!! HEY!
Shirley: *sad tone* hmm.. i got news from the university u applied already
Me: *gulps* oh…. really? *butterflies in my stomach*
Shirley: hmm… yes
Me: *alarh! tell me faster la! damn nervous*
Shirley: … *silence* CONGRATS! u got the offer u applied for!
Me: *practically shouting* OMG!!! thanks!!!!!
Shirley: I’m so happy for u too Rowena! *laughs* now we can work on the procedures for ur transfer!
*A million thanks to Shirley! she’s awesome*

WEE!!!! Happy happy day for Nana indeed!
Besides tht, conflicts have been resolved, a very good day for me! =)

Yest, my oh-so-awesome-bro ajaked me to join him for a trip to Taiwan in Nov, bt then, most probably will b going to Hokkaido or France with my parents instead, can’t wait for my bro to come back Msia… =p

It’s gonna b a busy day for me later, Zanzibar, Phuture and Velvet at night… *fingers crossed tht i’ll enjoy all 3 occassions =)*

Other than tht, my pweettie cousy from Penang, Jojo will b coming to KL for some business settlements and stay over at my place for a couple of days! can’t wait to c her oso… muahaha… shopping and makan makan…

will update again soon, ciao!