Back with pics… FINALLY! lol… i know it’s been quite long since i last updated. Was busy with uni stuff and chilling out sessions with frens and family, and not to mention, my sucky internet connection which was pissing me off very badly for the past few weeks… Life’s good recently, bro’s coming back very soooon and m busy preparing for my singing performances again and fashion show. Anyways, this is my 200th post, it’s gonna b super long btw… =)

First of all, check out this vee-dee-yoooo… awesome song performed by twins, JS. *two thumbs up*

Alright! gonna start my post with a pic of nasi lemak +ayam goreng… can’t blame me, FOOD is LOVE, vice versa.. =p this was in Subang, had very early bfast in mamak. wink

Romantic candle light. jz a random shot

29/08 BKT session with the gang in Klang

Awesomeness in a pot =)

Then, asam laksa for lunch in PJ

Merdeka eve, had dimsum with parents in Summer Palace as usual…

Daddy dearest

my all time fav! shrimp dumplings

Merdeka eve night, went over to fren’s place for dinner! it was awesome and cooked by the monkehboi himself! had a blast with everyone… =)

salad for starters *on a huge huge tray*

Salmon with buttered potatoes

and of course, perfect presentation with asparagus in between *my fav vege*

Though the portion’s a bit small, dont u think so? haha.. well after several mins, the chef kept adding stuff to my plate n here it is, my PORTION…


The bruschetta was awesome btw.. =p

Eggs for bfast *spot the size of the yolk*

and salmon head *looks kinda scary, i tot it’s a piranha at first*

bananaboats aka bananaballs *inside joke*

03/09, went to Champ’s, Centerpoint for lunch with the bday boy, Marx. Had a great time laughing and chatting with him and ended up VERY late for my photoshoot. =x


After tht, bday boy had his early celebration in Hello Bali. Went there with Vic, Mel, Germaine and Mun. Fun night i would say. =p

Germs, Mun, Me *we WERE sober*

the girls

07/09, went for lunch with Mr. T in a Vietnamese restaurant at the Curve. The coffee was excellent!

Celebrated Wen babe’s bday at some dessert shop in Kepong with the CH gang

08/09, attended Daryl and Mel’s service with Vic, genie, LiMing, Germaine and Mun. Had fun chatting and laughing with genie bt didn’t enjoy the food at all cz tak boleh pakai.. LOL

LiMing and I

Huge-ass bananas! *yes, we even grow bananas at my garden, maybe i should sell them. LOL*

Biggest banana i’ve ever seen/eaten *sounds weird* bt it’s very sweet and smooth!

Random pic: introducing M&M furballs *sho cute, hiding under the pumpkin*

03/10, last trip to Velvet, Zouk with the gang… v(-..-)v

KenNie and Denesh aka Stalky… LOL

Lauren and Chun *the poser*

head’s up yo!

SuiLynn, Lauren with stalky and ChoiLin in the bckground

Lauren, Chun again with my hand aka the nose digger… =p

Another Velvet outing, 19/09, KanWah’s sister held her bachelorette partay… =)

Me n KenNie

JohnPaul aka JP

A fun night with frens

Love this pic

The Stalky and The Stalker

HemRaj and KanWah aka brudda

Bottoms UP! *meanwhile, KenNie acting chio* LOL

nahhh! not Vodka, it was jz plain water, no alcohol for me, thank you… =p

Pucker up!

fun bacholerette partay going on!

oh gosh…

I lub the tiang… LOL

Chun, focus! look at the camera, not hot chic!

Lauren, Eugene, KenNie

HemRaj, brudda and moi

in da bathroom *snap away*

Smoked salmon ravioli with asparagus for bfast… yum!

14/09, went to Italiannies, The Curve with Vic for lunch… awesome environment and big portions of scrumptious food. =)

Salmon pasta

Mussels risotto *yum!* flick the bean! *inside joke… was laughing like siao*

16/09, another makan outing with Vic… first stop, desserts bar@MontKiara…

yummylicious! =)

Dinner at Daorae Garden Korean BBQ@Desa Sri Hartamas *very nice food and service was good too!*



my fav rice cakes!

Dinner was awesome and also, a very memorable one of course… =)

Sales! got myself a CarloRino sling bag!

The best steak ever 10/10!

One of my all time fav desserts ~ creme caramel

22/09, def a day to remember *this is what u should eat when u’re sick n ur mouth can hardly move*

Random pic: trying to act cool.. he’s pro bt i fail… big time.. haha

2/10, attended some neurosurgical conference and dinner with parents at Le Meridien…

spacious female powder room

the doctors and surgeons *scary-nyer*

Neuraid talk

and the dinner!

awesome soup!

Next day, attended my cousin’s wedding luncheon at Carcosa Seri Negara hotel, one of the most legendary 5 star hotels in Kuala Lumpur, an extremely grand place I would say, heard tht only certain ppl can hold wedding celebrations there… Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip even stayed there in 1989 and again in 1998…

family and frens *love the deco*

TADA! best durians from Uncle Eddie *thanks!* yes, i love durians =3

06/10, went to Italiannies again with Lauren, brudda and KenNie. After tht, headed over to BR31 to enjoy my Jamoca almond fudge as usual *Zha-mo-jia xing ren FAHH-KE* LOL… another inside joke cz i taught KenNie mandarin and everyone ended up blasting each other with weird languages… had fun laughing n gossiping with them.

my meatball pasta *biggest meatball i’ve ever seen*

recent naildo, thanks to Yan! awesome job! =) do visit JJ nails@Midvalley, girls..

M having my detox plan for 1 month, jz started anyways, m feeling healthy already! *woot!*

my bfast *fruit platter*

Last week, my cousin’s dogs came over to my place to visit me n Shiro… muahaha… they’re so cute bt fierce… -.-! yesh.. they r indeed very fierce, u wont wanna mess with them, trust me…

introducing… Cookie!
*she kept coming to me and rub her body against my legs which means she wanted me to sayang her bt i was quite terrified when i first pat her head.. lol*

Buffy *so cute and round bt damn garang*

Cookie again

Had Thai cuisine for dinner with Mr. T last Tuesday at Sri Ayutthaya, Damansara *just next to Victoria Station*. The place’s very cozy and food’s awesome.

Guess whut’s inside!

Otak otak! =)

Unique mango coconut milk dessert, very refreshing. *m craving for somemore. lol*

After tht went to Online pub for some drinks. It was a very overwhelming outing for me and i certainly enjoyed it, the drinks and music. Thanks Mr. T again! =p

Last Sat, went to Genting with Jen, Lauren, brudda, Eugene, KenNie, JP and Chun. Followed Ken’s car and went there around 8, reached there while the piggies were still in KL, so me n Ken decided to take the cable car n head to Genting’s Starbucks. Enjoyed slurpping our coffees and gossiping away… =)

in the cable car *it stopped twice and we ended up hanging high up in the sky! gosh, was quite terrified*

Awana golf & country resorts’ room *spacious and cozy!*

Jen & JP on the sofa, KenNie, me taking picture, brudda & Lauren *the mirror was huge!*

We chilled in the room for awhile and then had steamboat *both tomyam and clear soup*, it was awesome! =)

Pheuw! tht’s it for now! gonna watch The Hills season 2 which i jz downloaded on my babyVaio while enjoying my ChupaChups choco lollipop for now! toodles!

ol’ pic of me n boobear bt still loving it.. ❤

p/s: officially missing you =3