Life’s been fine and busy lately. =) Besides waiting for my classes to commence next Feb, m packed with my daily schedule, at least i’m done with a photoshoot session for now.. =p

Finally pics r uploaded to my lappie… another 100+ pics post, let the pics do the talking! =)

Female magazine Nov issue

Seriously, I didn’t expect to b shortlisted to b one of the 50 finalists. It was plainly jz for fun when i stood along the streets of Heritage Row with my gf when 2 random girls approached n asked me to join some gorgeous search. Standing there, feeling kinda awkward while they snapped a poloroid picture of me, I wasn’t even expecting any call from them informing me tht i’m shorlisted to the semi final round *smth like tht la*, n now, a finalist. BUT, after seeing my pic in the mag, this jz popped into my mind “whut…. the…. hellll…… is this!?” hahahahaa… not to say it’s THAT bad… it’s jz tht i look very….. diff in tht pic… my friends n relatives couldn’t even recognise me.. LOL… anyhow, the pic’s chosen… I donno y too.. hehehe…

29/10, went to Tenji with bro and frens. Was so bloated but bro and dai kor Alvin suffered from diarrhea for the next few days. =x

The guysss

Chocolate covered pavlova *too sweet for my liking though*

Me and Chian

1/11, early dimsum with Kennie, Eugene, Lauren, KW brudda, ChoiLin and the bf. yums!

It was soooo funny when I “forced” Kennie and Eugene to have their first chicken feet experience *it’s yummy laaaa!*

p/s: below r just made up speech by mua btw! =p

“Oh God…….. Here it goesss… it looks like a freaking FOOT!!! oh wait, it IS a foot”

Eugene: “oh dear…… there’s the exit, can i just run?”
Kennie: “b….. b….. be a man! do da right thing!!!” *poke poke*

Both: “here we goooooooo……… -.-!” *no thanks to Rowena.. LOL!

Donno bout them bt I love dimsum chicken feet! *two thumbs up* v(-..-)v

All time fav, har gao, siu mai… =)

Brudda who jz woke up: “bao bao? anyone wants bao? bao bao!? BAOOO” XD *he’s so gonna kill me*

looks to the left while munching *nomnomnom* pause…. “BAO? anymore?” he’s def gonna kill me now… XD

Headed over to Little Vietnam in Midvalley for lunch after tht. Food’s so so, nothing special, in my opinion tht is.. =)

After tht, on the very same day, celebrated mommy dearest’s bday… Aunt Alice invited us to Bangsar Shopping Centre’s Grand Imperial restaurant for dinner.

my fav floral dress =)

fine dining

Side to side starters *fried and steamed*

Braised sharkfin soup with chunks of crabmeat

Roast suckling pig *love the thin crispy skin*

Steamed fish with some kinda unique sauce *garoupa if i’m not mistaken*

Roast duck

Simply scrumptious


last but not least! desserts! *my fav course*

Mom’s bday cake ~ Blueberry cheesecake which was baked by herself… yum!

The “sisters”

Gems of my life =)

Snap snap in the powder room =p

Karaoke session

2 days after, couldn’t stand my split ends already and my hair was so dry. So decided to chop it off and I can say tht i’m happy with the results, all thanks to Samantha @A Cut Above. =)

Went to Secret Recipe for lunch right after my haircut.

wearing one of my fav Pull & Bear tops

Curry Laksa which was so so only…

hideous wound… -.- *sobs*

2 weeks ago, went to Grand Imperial for dinner again with family… personally, I love the food there… =) btw, this restaurant is located at the same level as House & Co.

Bro enjoying his eel

Eel cooked with some kinda special sauce, yummy bt a bit too salty

A rose and a packet of my fav chocs from a mysterious someone

After dinner went back home and dad decided to have some champagne to celebrate my bro’s graduation.

this is how my mom avoids the camera… lol!

the other 2 precious gems in my life


Random pic: my number 1 cereals served with skim milk

6/11, attended some Taylor’s PJ dinner with Lauren, Kennie and KW brudda. After tht decided to go to the Library for yumcha session bt it was soooo packed.. So ended up in the apartment instead.

Nana, Lauren

Lauren and KW brudda aka carebear

Then met up with JP, Hemraj and the rest.

John Paul

Random pic : grandma’s fried bananas… YUM!

Went for dimsum @ Summer Palace with parents n bro last Sunday. 1 word, SYOK!

the dimsumsss

my choice of dessert : mango sorbet with dragonfruit and honeydew cubes =)

Bro’s dessert : Herbal jelly with slices of sea coconut with honey

Supper @ On-line with Mr. T *the hokkien mee damn ON*

Interesting decos =p

Jz realized tht Raymond the owner/bartender’s in the potrait! haha *the right potrait not the left* =)

A fiction page turner from him. =) thx!

Last week, went to Kin San Kichi jap restaurant for sashimi.

thick and fresh slices of sashimi… awesomeeee… =)

Bernard’s @ Centrepoint Bandar Utama

Last week, Tenji again. this time with Choilin, her bf, Lauren and Kennie..

Greedy greedy ice cream lover, Miss Choilin.. lol

So cute

The amount of coconuts we had

Random pic : my fav Korean noodles with eggs! *i know it looks a bit unappetizing bt trust me… it’s delicious!*

Yummy porkribs with chili padi

Last Friday, Winnie came back from Aussie and stopped by KL to visit us. Went yumcha @ Chawan, Bangsar with bro and her… and surprisingly, mom tagged along.. First time having midnight yumcha session with mom which was around 1a.m… awesome! =)

Bro and Winnie

The daughter and mommy dearest

Supper @ Chawan

Last Saturday morning, went to Midvalley in the morning for 2012 with the lovebirds and Kennie. Movie’s not bad, gonna rate it a 7/10. =) after tht met up with bro n his frens for Korean bbq @ Daore, Desa Sri Hartamas…

Bro trying to get comfy

Winnie, bro, Alvin

another pair of lovebirds.. haha

Chian, Nana

Me n Kennie *first attempt*

*second attempt*

Me and Winnie @ Snowflake for desserts

My new gladiator killer heels from Aldo =p

Wednesday, 18/11. Photoshoot day! Theme was “Peacock”, so we had to pose elegantly but in the meantime, flirtatiously. *LiLi was so nervous bt she managed to pull it off* =) It was soooo tiring but fun… =) Malerie told me tht I’m the only one who had to put on 2 different outfits and the models were practically running everywhere and climbing hills wearing killer heels. Couldn’t help bt to faint on my bed once I reached home… haha

Awesome fashion designer n fren, Malerie and model LiLi trying to avoid the camera.. LOL

getting ready for the photoshoot *she actually managed to fall asleep… -.-*

TaDA!!! =) *we love it*

snap away!

Gorgeous Gillian

Primary schoolmates *me in my 2nd outfit… LOVE IT!*

sooo adorable!

Malerie and I

The Peacocks

Ares, Nana

Taking pics b4 the actual photoshoot


Shots taken by me, was coaching LiLi *maybe i should consider being a photographer! haha*

After our 12 hours photoshoot, b4 heading over to some restaurant for dinner

Will upload the finals pics from the photoshoot once i get ’em. =)

Pressie from Malerie *aww*

Then woke up the next day n met up with honey Ween for lunch at our usual dining place, Chilis, Bangsar Shopping Centre!

Scrumptious dessert we shared

Ween… LOL! *she’s right, she looks like a friggin Dome waitress in tht top*

The Despos of the day *wondering why?*

Ween’s top : I heart You

Nana’s top : Kiss Me


Night, fetched Ween n met up with the usual bunch @ the Library.

Camwhore time! =p *first attempt, FAIL….. as usual*

JuRo’s distorted signature pose -.-!

3rd attempt, FINALLY

tht’s it for now! Tmr’s the night, looking forward! =)

have a niceeeee weekend ppl!