Haven’t been updating my blog for quite sometime cz i’m still getting used to my babyMacWhite! haha… Well this will b my first time updating me bloggie using it! =) short post though, there’re still tons of pics waiting for me to upload…. when i’ve the time tht is!
Had a “private” dinner partay at my place last weekend with JohnPaul the chef aka JohnRamsay *lol!*, brudda KanWah, Kennie, ChunHien, Laurie and baby Joycy! =) had fun cooking n messing up my kitchens with the bunch… Jp’s fav moment of Miss. Adorable Lauren *laugh laugh laugh SNORT, then within seconds, everyone burst into laughters and tears* hahaha…
Pics credits to ChunHien *grabbed from his blog*
Asparagus wrapped with beef and slices of bacon *two thumbs up*

The asparagus! my fav vege… =p
Thanks JP for the scrumptious meal! n yesh, I here declare tht we really DO appreciate and love ya! hahaha…

Went Rootz last Sat with JP, Kennie. Met up with a bunch of ppl there, Marx, Hemraj, Amanda, Jp’s frens and surprisingly, bumped into Stephanie and her girls. Germaine was supposed to join bt couldn’t make it, next round babe! ❤

Day after tmr, off to Hokkaido with family! WHEE! can’t wait to shop and eat and shop more.. hahaha… will buy Xmas pressies for my darlings there, tht’s for sure. *winks* Don’t worry. =p
Bt b4 tht, fashion show meeting + last minute photoshoot tmr! All I’m hoping for is everything to run smoothly… tht’s it! XD
I loveeeeee Christmas btw!!! =p
tht’s all for now! tnt!