This was actually before the Hokkaido trip, family trip back to daddy dearest’s hometown, Penang! FOOOOOD and quality time spent with family, awesome!
hotel lobby’s Xmas tree *nthg special, jz pose nia! =p*

steamboat dinner *cousin sis-in-law, baby nephew, cousin Jo, Nana*
The fantastic *food* four! =D
Dec 2nd! Introducing – BabyMacWhite! =)
very happy indeed! =x
14th Dec – Bro’s mini surprise bday celebration
from the cheeky lil sis and the gf! lol
aww! =) *bro and Winnie*
15th Dec – Choilin’s photoshoot at my place
Will upload the pics when I get them from the photographer! SOON! =)
New year’s eve, attended Kiwanis’ gala dinner at Sentul with my family and friends. Performed a duet with my singing partner, Keith… It was an awesome experience of course though I really thought I would just faint on stage cz me nerves were kicking in. Bt thank God, nothing went wrong and everything was good! =)
After that, it was the models’ turn to strut their thing on the runway! We had quite a few rehearsals together, trying to make sure everything will be perfect on that day itself and WE DID IT! the committees and guests love it and most importantly, we enjoyed ourselves, didn’t we? 🙂 Good job to all my friends and thanks loads! And of course, got myself some new friends whom I love now, m truly grateful for that. =)
In the changing room *me, MayLyn, Edwin*
supermodel *fuh!*
3rd aka the finale show – Malerie’s couture collection *awesome!*
Love my dress which I wore to the max *on the left in the pic above, behind me was Lyn’s btw*, will upload more pics from the fashion show when I get them! =)
After the performances and all, it was party time! Stella brought liquor along and everyone went crazy! It was fun seeing everyone getting chaotut, lol!
Tetiana and I

dancing cha cha with mommy dearest
what a messssss… credits to the guys! =x
Me and Stella

and again! missing u loads babe!
Bro’s back in Aussie and Winnie’s at Muar, Oh God! I miss them soooo much already… How was YOUR new year’s eve btw? Hope u had fun as I did! Happy New Year again and live and love year 2010 bcz this year is gonna be a perfect 10! =) cheers!