Bunch of party pics of me n friends… =) Had fun with the usual ones, will be missing u guys when m at Aussie! xoxo
Me and Stella at Zouk *love her outfit*

Me n Maylyn

Sarah and Lauren

bruddah and Sarah
let’s get the party started!

Jonathan and I
Unforgettable night at Velvet, Zouk
Jp, Rowena, Stella
Lauren’s Bday and we celebrated in Tenji, couldn’t join them for karaoke session after that though. =/
Eugene’s birthday celebration at Rootz last Sat, 09/01. Yesh indeed, Rootz’s reopened but they removed the runway stage, was quite disappointed bout that and the sucky music at first but still, had fun with the awesome bunch! =D
Pics from Kw’s camera : Lauren, me
me, Lauren and Sarah
love this girl! xD
Kw: “EH! f*ckface!”
Oops! my bad! =p
Sarah, Nana and Kennie
Graham, me, Kw, Razif *m not that short actually! =p*
the girls~
First flaming
2nd flaming… and it goes on. x.x
getting into the mood!
fuh! boooooze

chautut betul
no idea what I was laughing about. =x

don’t mess with us yooo! =p
Kn, Kw, me, Sarah Joshua
seems like he’s enjoying it instead
such caring friendsssss! LOL
Hope you had a great birthday Eujiggernoff! xx!

tht’s all for now!