Last Sat, headed over to Rootz for me farewell partay with Sarah aka dai ga jie, MayLyn, Justine, Kennie, Eugene, Jp, Steph *who jz came back from her trip*, Renaldo, Sophia, Germaine, Melissa, Melvin, Chris, Eric n others. Had fun dancing on the boomboxes with the crazy hot ladies – Germs, Sarah and Melissa even though it was kinda stuffy and we’re sweating like mad. The place was super crowded and I kept bumping into familiar faces who went there on tht night itself. Thanks for coming darlings! =)
Couldn’t take much pics though cz we forgotten the camera! ahaha… but! managed to take some shots with my babyI, better than nothing…. at least!
Before we proceed any further, wanna post a pic of the fav stall I ❤❤❤ in Petaling Street!
Beef noodles specialist. lol! it’s located somewhere near Nando’s

Another pic taken during FHM’s GND party @MOS *Nana, Denesh*

Let’s get the party started, shall we? 🙂
Me and Sarah
In the restroom
Pictures time!
Eugene aka Eujiggernoff! xP
much better! *love u guys!* =D
Blah Blah Blah
Germaine and I *finally wey, busy woman!* xP
Miao & Germs *thanks for coming again!*
my 2 fav lovelies!
and it ends with hugs n kisses…….

Gonna miss u guys sooooo much bt I’ll b back for sure! =D
p/s: Happy Birthday again dearest Kiko and a “specific stranger”! Wishing all the best to u guys! =))